Embark on a Journey Through Time and Faith

Witness as the survival of a family's faith intertwines with pivotal moments in history to build a spiritual legacy anchored in God's steadfast Love, timeless Word, and infinite Wisdom."


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With Dr. Lisa's new book, "Petra: An Unbroken Legacy," you're not just reading a story; you're living it.

Are you ready to dive into the heart of biblical stories? Imagine journeying alongside characters that resonate with your own experiences of adversity, disappointment, resilience, and hope. With Dr. Lisa Dorsey's new book, "Petra: An Unbroken Legacy," you're not just reading a story; you're living it.


Meet Dr. Kasim Ma'an & Dr. Issa Stevens

Our main characters in this epic tale of faith, love, and legacy. Kasim descends from a family with a deep-rooted legacy in the first-century Christian faith and is the keeper of ancient secrets. Issa is a renowned archeologist sought after to unearth centuries' worth of mystery and intrigue. Their journey through biblical and life events mirrors our own experiences with pain, suffering, healing, and restoration, offering readers a personal connection to these historical moments. This enriches the reader's understanding and engagement with the Bible, offering hope in God.



Meet the Author:

Lisa L. Dorsey: An imaginative storyteller, Dorsey brings a unique perspective to historical fiction. Her passion for history and faith shines through in "Petra: An Unbroken Legacy," where she weaves a captivating tale that bridges generations and cultures.

"I want to bring the timeless truths of the Bible to life in ways that resonate with the reader on a personal level so they can pivot in seasons of disruption and find hope in God. I want to inspire a genuine love for the narratives of faith so that the stories of the Bible leap off the pages and into the soul of the reader transforming the heart, mind, and will."

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